Floor A Frame Safety Sign

Rigid plastic yellow folding safety sign that is self-standing and can conveniently be folded for storing away while not in use. Warns against potential dangers and hazard. Dimensions: 233mm x 615mm. Please choose your message from the drop-down menu.


Message Code
Danger Keep Out 95/004/010
Cleaning in Progress 95/004/011
Warning Wet Floor 95/004/012
Caution Trip Hazard 95/004/013
Caution 95/004/014
Caution Working in Progress 95/004/015
Male Attendant on Duty 95/004/016
Female Attendant on Duty 95/004/017
Danger Men at Work 95/004/018
Danger Hazardous Area 95/004/019
Out of Order 95/004/020
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